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APA Tip of the Day

APA 1.04 Types of Articles
APA 1.07 The Abstract
APA 3.11 Hyphenation and Compound Words
APA 3.42-3.43 Numbers Expressed as Words or Figures, sets 1-7
APA 3.42-3.43 Numbers Expressed as Words or Figures, sets 8-12
APA 3.55-3.56 References for Statistics; Formulas in the Text
APA 3.58 Statistical Symbols
APA 3.75-3.86 Figures
APA 3.94-3.99 Reference Citations in Text
APA 4.05 Order of the Manuscript Pages

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These "APA Tips of the Day" are evolving out of my practice of giving a daily APA tip in the graduate methods course. These "tips" focus on common errors that people make when taking the "APA Publication Manual Quizes." or when writing research proposals.

If you are having problems remembering a particular section of the APA Publication Manual you might consider the active learning process of writing your own questions (and answers) for that section.  If you do write some questions pass them along to me (lbecker@mail.uccs.edu) and I'll add them to the APA Tips of the Day with proper acknowledgment.  Please use examples that are different from those used in the Publication Manual.

In most cases it doesn't make sense to paraphrase the exact APA Guideline, so I have quoted it. All quotations in this set of tips refer to

American Psychological Association. (1994). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (4th ed.). Washington, DC: Author.

-revised 02/12/99