Your Favorite Web Sites - 1999


Your Favorite Web Sites - 1999

Dominique Simons At CDOC, we are studying the use of the Polygraph Test as a tool to assess sex offender treatment and to monitor risk behaviors associated with reoffense. I found two National Institute of Justice Websites that complement our research.

The first website ( ) displays current research findings and grants in criminal justice. The Adult Probation Departments of Arizona and Minnesota are researching risk behaviors associated with sex offender recidivism utilizing the Polygraph test and the Hare Psychopathy Test.  

The second NIJ Website ( ) contains a research article that describes the Containment Model of managing adult sex offenders currently used by Colorado Parole agencies. This model includes the use of the Polygraph to obtain admissions of crimes and to monitor high risk behaviors.

Nicole Nugent I found an interesting page on health psychology,   . The site includes a decent list of (and links to) training and journals. It provides the most helpful list of internet sites/links to health psych pages that I have come across. It also offers a less-than-exhaustive list of departments which offer health psychology. 

The site which impressed me most, is an extensive and nearly exhaustive collection of links to various aspects of treatment and understanding of mood disorders. The site, , includes links to discussion groups, links to free Medline search, information regarding social security options for disability, various treatments, and even lists opportunities to volunteer for studies in universities as distant as NYC to UCLA.

Mary Helen Snider I don't know if these web sites qualify as "scientific," but they are the best two I could find on Borderline Personality Disorder. They both have sections defining the disorder, talking about treatment, and offering support to people with the disorder and their families. The second one has a section on abuse as well, which goes well the topic I want to research for my thesis, which is the role of psychosocial markers such as sexual abuse in Borderline Personality Disorder. Here
are the web sites:
Victoria Lehman
I intend to study the relationship between domestic violence and coping self-efficacy to develop a more effective treatment for female victims of spouse abuse. Here are my two, specific web sites:

US Dept of Justice, Violence Against Women Office, Ongoing Research Reports and Studies:

CDC Web Search:  

I hope these are helpful
Alison Smith I am working with Edie Greene, following in Mike Johns footsteps. Here are a couple of psych and lawsites. I hope that they are helpful.
Sharon Stewart here are two websites that I've been using.
Amanda Midboe Here are two web sites pertaining to my thesis, which deals with domestic
Melissa Schuchman

Here are a couple of web sites with information about aging issues. They both offer links to many other interesting sites as well.

Julie Ellett I've found these few sites to be interesting and helpful! Click here: Joy Ikelman's
Info on Bipolar Disorder Click
here: Healthtouch - Learning Disabilities & Dyslexia Click here:
Information on Specific Mental Disorders

Jennifer Jacobs Inclusive Education
Laurie Jacobs

The "test locator" link on this page is particularly useful.