Your Favorites


I liked your responses to browsing the web, here they are for the rest of the class to enjoy.

From: Stephen P Wang

Here are the links I thought interesting:

This is the address for the home page of the National Academy of Neuropsychology. This page provides information about this organization as well as may links to other neuropsychological specific sites.

Lists of Lists
This is a page in the APA Monitor. This page is devoted as classified advertising to jobs in the field of psychology. The listings are nicely organized by state.

Links of other interests:

The traveling production of Cirque du Soleil, Quidam will be performing in Denver in October. I highly recommend it. The Cirque du Soleil production in Las Vegas, Mystere, has been voted best Vegas production three years running.

From: Kerri D Johnson

Here are three sites I found interesting:

Disaster Handouts and Links
Chip would love this site. It had some neat stuff on copeing. Heading/category: Subjects

Listing of U.S. Psychology PhD Programs The problem with this site is it wouldn't let me get to the rankings page, or I was unable to figure it out. Plus, it kept wanting me to purchace different books. Heading/category: Lists

Radical Psychology Network

This site was mainly interesting because of their mission statement to overthrow psychology as it is today to make it better. Heading/category: Organization

From: "Michelle L. Harper"

Here they are: This is the home page for Fullbright Scholarships. I'm ready to go home and pack my bags!
This is the home page for the conference that I missed because I was studying for the SPSS test, it wasn't the same as being there but maybe next year.

From: Jennifer A Flores

The site that is the most useful to me is at:
It provides a quick index to U.S. Academic Institution Aging Sites so I can see who is doing what and where. This is a great help to me currently as I am working on my thesis and will provide a good resource in my search for a relevant Ph.D program.

The other cool site I found is at:
I found this in the Journal of Experimental Analysis of Behavior's site. Apparently you can view short videos illustrating experimental procedures. My computer does not have the software to get this site to work but, would be great.

From: Catherine T Hastings

Informative and interesting sites from the PSYC SITE launch pad:

PhD programs in psych:
This list ranks 185 PhD programs in psych in the U.S., providing links to each school's home pages.
This list contains the email addresses of professionals in the field who have made themselves available to answer inquiries regarding their areas of expertise.

From: Heather L Wacker

Here are three great addresses that all have an ageing and gerontology focus:
this one has all kinds of resources ranging from dementia to assessment to psychology and neurology. It also included connections to all sorts of abstracts in these areas.
this one is the Alzheimers web home page
this is the ageing research centre (ARC). It contained online abstracts as well.

From: David Coon

Here are two sites I found interesting on the web:
This is a page on forensic psychology, which I have an interest in.
I found this to be an excellent source for finding information on all aspects of clinical psychology, with links to things like assessment, therapies, journals, medicine, and others. You can also have them e-mail you when the pages are updated.

From: "Julie N. Hook"

I thought that these two addresses were pretty interesting.
There are links but also information on cultural psychology, history etc. It is kind of a combination of anthropology and psychology.
There are many links to different information. I particularly liked how disorders were listed and you could get infromation on a lot of different disorders.

From: Melanie C Friedman

Here are two sights I found interesting:

Society for Research in Child Development This sight seems to be a great reference for current research in child development. It could go under psych societies, but it contains information similar to a journal, so I'm not sure where it belongs.

Youth and Children Resouse net
This sight is an incredible resource for anyone interested in children. This can be useful for child psychologests, but seems geared towards parents. I really liked this sight because it included so much different information. Even though this sight is not related to psychology as much as my last sight, I still think it can be useful. It is a good starting point for info about children. I'm not sure where this sight belongs either. You could consider this page a launch page or, maybe create a new heading called Topics of Interest.

From: Muna El Shaieb

So far in my search for web sites, after getting sidetracked a few times (for a few hours) by all the interesting things that I was reading, I found two that caught my fancy. One was the site for the APA Monitor: It showed whole articles (I searched for sites that would do this), and had several jumping off points, as well as a link to another, powerful search engine (Magellan).

I also liked Mental Health Infosource, also because it had several links, and published whole articles. It also has graphics that are catchy but clear, and it has several e-mail groups you could *easily* subscribe to. The address is At the moment the full articles are free, but the site warns in the future there may be a charge. Your web page with links to other sites is great! I spent quite a bit of time exploring other sites using it. I bookmarked it (along with the syllabus) for even easier access.

From: Birgit Fisher

I found other interesting Launch Pads for neuroscience:

The second site is a combination of info and links.

I also started messing around in alternative psychology and found this cool site on esoteric psychology: